imatge nova exposició: “Un museu, mil trames modernistes”

“Un museu, mil trames modernistes”

Date: effective May 5, 2024

Imatge exposició: "L’ull de l’agulla" de Manuel Outumuro.

"L’ull de l’agulla"

Date: from March 17th to July 28th, 2024

Imatge exposició: “La fira modernista i els seus fotògrafs”

“La fira modernista i els seus fotògrafs”

Date: May 5 to July 28, 2024

With IMATEX, the CDMT’s database of textile pieces, offers the public over 30,000 textile documents from all eras and cultures: fabrics, original designs, sample books, dress, and complements. Each entry comprises one or more images, along with information on materials, techniques, chronology and decoration. The objective of this database, (known as the textilteca) is to stimulate ideas and offer support to professionals in textile design and fashion, and to help researchers and all those interested in textile heritage to consult the CDMT’s stocks.

The CDMT library specializes in all areas of textile and fashion and in the conservation and restoration of heritage items. It brings the textile world closer to the public and provides information for the staff of the centre and for outside users. Access to the library is free (you must make an appointment).

For years the Museu Tèxtil has placed special emphasis on acquiring, preserving, documenting and disseminating the Catalan modernist textile heritage. Terrassa, a unique city that unites industry and Modernism, holds its Modernist Fair each year with a large participation of entities and citizenship. The Museu Tèxtil joined from the very beginning in this festival of Modernism, offering activities for all kinds of public, specialist training, exhibitions and resources to make first-hand and with historical rigour as the modernist style in dress and home.