The CDMT works with the willingness to submit ideas for inspiration from the reinterpretation of their heritage, offers an online proposal of trends for spring-summer 2014. It aims to provide suggestions that can serve as a starting point for creators; a unique, original and genuine performance because it is made from original objects preserved in the CDMT.

The trends proposed for spring-summer 2014 revolves around three concepts that are linked in equilibrium. On one hand, the stillness as an harmonic welfare state, focused on a range of colors and textures that brings us to peaceful state and experience. On the other hand, the curiosity that leads us to explore imaginary, exotic and inconclusive places through silks, beads, hippies prints and decorative motifs of the 20's. Finally, the certainty linked to both elements of nature as the aftermath of human acts, reflected in marked structures, balanced designs and pictures.

With this work, the CDMT values the heritage and wagers for their aesthetic richness as an essential element for the creation.