The first quarter of this year, we kicked off a social project based on a request from Khadija Sahli, a mediator for the Terrassa City Council Education Department.

Khadija visits the museum regularly and proposed bringing in families with children who attend segregated schools in the city through the Didactic department. It is a situation she knows well and works with regularly, offering proposals, classes and support. The goal is to help these families see that it is possible to participate in free-time cultural activities outside of their neighbourhoods and immediate environment.

We broke the project into three sessions: in the first, the museum’s Educational Coordinator Helena Peña and educator Cristina Trias visited the school, explained the purpose of the organisation and the programme of activities open to the public. The visit also included a weaving workshop using small wooden looms. The second session focused on the mothers, bringing them to the museum for a guided tour and creative weaving project. Finally, any families interested signed up for one of the family activities the museum offers the first Sunday of every month.

Over these three months, participants included mothers from the following schools: Antoni Ubach, Montserrat, Font de l’Alba, Salvador Vinyals and Roser Capdevila. In total, roughly sixty women with ties to these centres got a close-up look at the museum and its offering. Three families with children participated in the latest “Sundays at the Museum” activity and we hope that word gradually spreads and many more also join in.