The purpose of the Museu Tèxtil publications is to bring textiles and fashion to the general public, share research and studies in this arena, and raise awareness of textile artists with exhibitions at the Museum.

So, in the Bookshop section of the website you’ll find a range of documents that may be of interest, in digital format and available for download in PDF. Here are just a few:

  • Catalogues from the latest temporary exhibitions on textile arts at the Museum’s “Espai Zero”.
  • Tot plegat, a publication born out of a travelling exhibition organised by Circuit de Museus Tèxtils i de Moda a Catalunya, highlights the value of industrial archives for understanding how the textile sector developed in Catalonia.
  • The Colors del Mediterrani  catalogue looks at the scientific side of dyes with a sample of fabrics from the Museum that were analysed in conjunction with LEITAT.
  • The proceedings book of the , held at the Museum, features over 40 presentations given by experts from Spain and abroad.
  • The book Jacquards artístichs, teixits singulars a les col·leccions catalanes covers the work put into studying and cataloguing more than 370 fabrics made with the jacquard technique.

The Bookshop page also has the full digital publication of Datatèxtil, from issue 28 to the most current issue. Previous issues are available online in the RACO cooperative repository or in print at the Museum library, along with all the other items published by the centre.