The Museu Tèxtil carries out studies for the display of individual pieces, sets and collections. It also designs and produces mannequins and supports applying the criteria of preventive conservation.

Creation of supports for exhibits: displayed flat, rolled, semi-rolled, or hung vertically. 9.2

Creation of various types of supports for clothing and other textile pieces; crinolines and bustles to add volume; recreations of historical costumes; clothing and accessories to help to explain the message of the pieces. 9.2

Creation of individual supports for complements of all kinds: gloves, shoes, hats, and so on. 9.2

The Museu Tèxtil has sixty models for reproducing historical mannequins, dated between 1650 and 2000. Thanks to this collection we can faithfully recreate the form of a standard model for a specific historical era.

The Bodytheque was created by a cooperation agreement with the researcher Carmen Lucini. It welcomes requests from other museums or institutions.